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Certified Garden Nursery for Berry Shrubs and Roses is a company with 35-years tradition in production of nursery plants. Our trees and shrubs are very popular with the Polish and overseas customers alike .

Our company is located 25 km East of Poznan (Poznan County) in Kostrzyn Wielkopolski municipality, at Mickiewicza street, 28 A. We run our activity on our own farmland about 100 ha in area irrigated from our own reservoirs. The company employs several dozens of workers, mostly from Kostrzyn municipality.

We produce berry shrubs, such as gooseberry, currants, raspberry, hazelnut. We are also concerned with the production of clonal and seedling rootstocks for fruit trees
The main products of our company are rose shrubs. Every year we produce about 700.000 shrubs of roses belonging to 200 varieties in more than ten groups:

∙ Miniature
∙ Polyantha
∙ Garden Bed and Patio
∙ Castle
∙ Large-flowered
∙ Floribunda and Old Garden
∙ Courtyard
∙ Climbing
∙ Ground cover
∙ Grafted on a stem
∙ Tea-hybrid

Roses are distinguished by fascinating flavour and color. At the same time our commitment to the highest quality of plants and meeting customers’ expectations and preferences resulted in taking the lead at Polish festivals and exhibitions of roses for the last several years.

Over the last 20 years we are Exclusive General Representative of one of the largest producers of cultivated roses in Europe - Rosen Tantau (Germany) – with granted sub-licencing right for Poland. 90% of our production is subject to export earning increasingly wider circles of customers who are looking for new, unprecedented roses in their gardens with unique flavour and exterior.
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